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Pellucid Literature

A few projects mostly inspired by friends (their remarks and observations, but them too).

XML Jelly Sandwich

Demonstrations of XSLT in the browser. There is a Github repository and a collection of demonstrations.

These run compiled XSLTs, but most often the source XSLT is available in the same subdirectory as the demo (using the same name as its compiled version, an SEF file.

This entire project can be cloned and used as the basis for a do-it-yourself poetry anthology, for example (from the Versifier or Poem Teller demonstrations), or other spinoffs.

Frankenstein Transformed

A graphical rendering of Mary Shelley’s novel.

Selected presentations

Slides and papers from selected conference presentations.

JATSKit – an oXygen framework for JATS

A set of transformations, stylesheets and glue logic for working with NISO-NLM JATS, an XML-based standard for encoding journal articles. The framework also supports the draft BITS format (a JATS extension for encoding books), and produces EPUB format as well as HTML.

XML namespace fixup stylesheets

Also on Github, XSLT stylesheets for fixing namespaces in documents (plus a little Schematron for reporting namespace usage in documents).

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